Tuesday 8 August 2023

Woodburning: A Lion

Back to Pyrography. Having attempted a couple of scenes on scraps of wood I decided it was time to buy something more suitable. Thinking about a smooth surface, and also the cost since I am only experimenting at this stage, I bought a sheet of 3mm Plywood from my local DIY store. 

I cut a piece about 8" x 6.5" and smoothed it over with a very fine sandpaper. I used a fine point nib and tried to move the 'pen' over the wood as smoothly as possible. I still had issues with the nib 'catching' in the grain of the wood despite it's super smoothness, so I guess that's something that experience will help with eventually.

Just as when I'm drawing with a Fineliner ink pen I allowed the darker tones to build up by repetition and just kept adding marks to deepen the tones as required.

Since producing this piece I have discovered that Plywood is NOT recommended for wood burning because of it's construction. Man-made woods such as Plywood, Particle board (MDF) and Chipboard contain glues. I may use up my sheet for small and quick practice pieces but for anything serious I need to find a natural wood such as Cedar or Maple, to name just two.


  1. Nicely done!! Glad you found out about the plywood not being recommended for this process before you used it for something really special.

  2. Fabulous! I can understand that these manmade materials are not the best for your fine work. Lesson learned. :)

    1. Indeed it's a lesson learned Judy. Still, I shall use the wood for practice, and I certainly need plenty of that. Thank you for visiting.


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