Thursday 2 March 2023

Trying my hand at Pyrography

a drawing of a rabbit on a piece of wood created with a wood burner

Pyrography is the posh name for Wood Burning. While searching online for information about my new-found hobby of Marquetry I came across several videos on wood burning. I became equally interested in having a go so dropped a hint in my annual letter to Santa. As always, he came up trumps and presented me with an inexpensive Wood Burner so I could dip my toe in this particular pond. 

I grabbed a scrap of hardboard from my garage, gave it a light sanding, and marked out a rough outline of a Hare in pencil. Once my burner was up to temperature, I set too burning the wood with a fine pointed tip. As a pen and ink artist I found the process of 'drawing' quite familiar and was very pleased with my first effort. There are obviously lots of differences to drawing with a pen. The slower you move the burner, the more burnt the wood so the darkness of line is achieved by the speed of the nib. 

Lots to learn, that's for sure, but I certainly enjoyed this first effort.


  1. Oh what a great job. I have messed around as well with a cheap wood burner...haven't worked on wood with it but did use it on dried gourds. You are so correct about it being a bit different than pen and ink work. I can't help it I am so attracted to the simplicity of line. You are inspiring me to try my hand in working with it on wood as well. Hope you are having a delightful day.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting Debbie. Like you I'm 'drawn' to the simplicity of line and this medium just lends itself to that perfectly. Have a great day.


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