Friday 28 July 2023

The Surfer

From time-to-time I get the urge to tackle a seriously challenging pencil drawing. When this happens I like to find a subject that has drama or is a little bit out of the ordinary. When looking for a suitable subject I pass over hundreds that just don't shout out at me whether I think they're do-able or not.

I actually fancied doing another stormy sea drawing like the ones I've done previously of the lifeboats or ship in distress. While I was browsing Pixabay (for anyone who hasn't heard of it, it's an amazing copyright-free resource) for a suitable subject I came across a photo of this surfer. It's not exactly a 'stormy sea' but it has the crashing waves and breaking surf and it was definitely shouting out at me. I just couldn't resist having a go at it. 

Oh, and it was certainly challenging.  :lol:

(Drawn on Winsor & Newton Medium Surface Cartridge paper using a 2B mechanical pencil and is 11" x 14")


  1. Wonderful work on the spray of the water and the sheen on his wetsuit!

  2. Seriously very good drawing! ..... ann hyde


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