Friday 21 July 2023

Small boat

One of the projects, or should I call them 'challenges', that I run in my Art Forum, is what we call the Monthly Painting and Drawing Project. This is where I post a photograph of what I hope is an interesting subject, and the members all paint or draw it in their chosen medium. 

We find it an interesting way of appreciating how other artists 'see' the same subject and how they  apply artistic licence to create their own interpretation of it. Every month I create a web page showing all of the submissions so that we can compare all the paintings/drawings side-by-side. This isn't about deciding whose is best but about learning from our peers and appreciating the achievement of others.

As for the subject of the painting, I saw this small boat bobbing on the water in the marina in Torbay. Torbay is an area of coast known as "the English Riviera". There was just something about it that made me want to paint it and I knew it would make a great subject for the monthly project. 

I couldn't decide whether to paint it or draw it, so I did both. LOL.

Other boat paintings on my web site


  1. I like the simple lines of boats like this. Often they have too much "stuff" and you can't appreciate the lines and the form. Good choice for the challenge and nice work on this!


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