Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Making Art Fun

As I mentioned, I run an Art Forum. My members are all beginners or amateurs and we try to further our art by encouraging and supporting each other. To challenge ourselves and push ourselves outside of our usual comfort zones, we run a couple of projects. The first one, that has been running some time now, is a Monthly Painting Project in which one of our members, who is an excellent photographer and art critic, posts a photograph and we all try to paint it. It forces us to try subjects we would never dream of trying ourselves and everyone is learning a great deal through the process.

Art Forum projectAnother project is currently being done for the first time. We have chosen a famous painting, divided it into squares, and distributed the squares amongst the members. As each member completes their square so it is added to a grid so that the complete painting gradually takes shape. We are also learning a lot about each others styles by trying to guess who painted each square. Maybe it's a bit silly, but it is certainly good fun ... but the best bit of all is that we're practicing and learning as we go along.

The picture shown is linked back to the Art Forum so new squares should appear as and when they are added. Check back from time to time and watch it complete. Which is MY square? I'm not telling just yet ... you'll have to guess.


  1. What a great idea, it makes for an interesting project. In a similar vein, the JK Portrait Party on Flickr, where we all paint portraits of each other, is fascinating to see each others interpretation of other members. The widely varying styles and techniques of different artists is so incredible.

    At a guess, I think your square could be three across and one down.

  2. It IS great fun Frank, and part of the pleasure is in guessing who painted each square. It's very interesting how well we started to recognise each others styles. We are long overdue for another one. Mine is actually the second one down in the lefthand column. The one in the bottom right corner is Ingrids.