Friday 3 November 2023


I came across this ornate cannon, and others like it, when I visited the quaint and whacky village of Portmeirion in North Wales. Portmeirion sits in the estuary of the river Afon Dwyryd and it's cannons sit along a harbour wall guarding the village from attacks by boat.

Whether or not these cannons are functional or merely decorative is something I've wondered about because they wouldn't be very mobile without wheels, and I wonder how well those curved legs would withstand the forces of the gun firing.

For those who've never been, Portmeirion was built by an eccentric millionaire who shipped in unusual looking buildings brick-by-brick from around the world. They are painted in bright, vibrant colours and the village is more like Disneyland than a regular village of houses. There is a ship semi-built into the harbour wall, so there is no way it could float. The village is a fantasy land, and it is for this reason that I suspect the functionality of the cannons. That said, they are great to look at and made a very interesting subject to paint.

A litle more about Portmeirion



  1. Great look to the cannon, which I agree is probably not functional. I looked up the town to read more about it. Sounds like it would be an interesting place to visit and it does seem to be something tourists would enjoy.

  2. Your expertise is a gift. Thank you for sharing it generously in your posts.


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