Saturday 8 April 2023

Artistic Licence

A pen and ink drawing of an old Oast House covered with snow

 As many of you know, my favourite medium after Graphite Pencil is Pen and Ink. Now there's a thing .... why do we call it "Pen and Ink" ..... what use is a pen without ink? LOL. 

Anyway, I was taken to draw a snow scene using just my Pigma Micron Fineliners and chose this Old Oast House as a subject. The reference photo contained no snow so all the "white stuff" is a figment of my imagination. Isn't Artistic Licence wonderful?


  1. Great! How clever to imagine snow in the scene!

    1. Thank you Judy. I have to say, the 'imaged' stuff is much better than the real thing. LOL.

  2. For sure it is and this pen and ink is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Brrr!!! Your imagining of the snow is perfect! This came out so well.


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