Sunday 19 March 2023

Flowers design for drawers

A while ago I bought a small set of plain wood drawers for my study. I'd originally thought I might paint them, or maybe varnish them, but my new found interest in Marquetry has opened up another option. 

a photograph of a draw front now it has been decorated with wood veneers using marquetry
For my next adventure into Marquetry (every project is an exploration at the moment) I decided to decorate one of the draw fronts. I chose a photo of a Fuchsia from my considerable collection (what do you expect from a keen photographer and Fuchsia grower - LOL) and used image editing software to create a suitable design.

I found choosing a nice mixture of veneers was more difficult than I'd expected and with the benefit of hindsight I think my choices weren't the best. Still, I cut out the various elements of the design, pieced them all together, applied them to one of the drawers, sanded and finally polished and waxed. 

a photo of a small set of wooden drawers showing how one of them has been decorated using marquetry

The remaining drawers offer me plenty of future practice opportunities but I won't be sticking to a coherent floral theme. The finished cabinet will be a mish-mash of whatever takes my fancy and will be an eclectic record of my Marquetry progress.


  1. John this is a new art form to me. What a wonderful job too. My dear mom always loved Fuschias. Every year at Mother's Day I would buy her a hanging basket. The hummingbirds adore this plant. Hope you have a delightful week. Thanks too for stopping by and visiting me. Yes our weather patterns seem to be changing all over the world. Happy Spring to you.

    1. Debbie, there was a time when I had nearly 300 Fuchsia's but over recent years I've cut back drastically. They are perfect for hanging baskets. Thank you for visiting again and happy spring to you too.

  2. Fuchsias are my favorite for a hanging basket. Love how the drawer came out. What a fun way to change the plain wood drawers!

    1. I think of the drawers as being my Marquetry 'sketchbook' .... a place to try out ideas. Thank you for your lovely comment.


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