Wednesday 15 March 2023

Nothing ventured....

A pen and Ink Wash drawing of a large house

I did this Pen and Ink Wash drawing some years ago. Although it hangs on the wall in my study, it has been largely forgotten, which is a shame because it was one of those special, 'first attempt' revelations, like we've all had at various stages along our art journey. Rather than write about it again, the experience for me can be summed up by the opening and closing comments I made at the time on my Work-In-Progress page.

I begin:-

I've never tried using ink washes but it's something that appeals, probably because of my love of Pen and Ink. I haven't done any research nor watched anything on YouTube so I'm very much making this up as I go along. What I've decided to do is draw a building using Fineliner pens and then add shadows and shading using diluted ink applied by brush. I have no idea how it's going to turn out ... could be a disaster.

and I close:-

Well, what a learning experience that was. Like every 'new' medium we try, the unexpected can be a pain or a joy. Overall, though there are many things I've learned about working with ink, this experience was more joy than pain. The way the neat ink bled into wet pale washes was superb. A few areas are darker than I wanted but learning to control the ink was half the fun, and I love the way some patches have purple hues in them. This is certainly something I will do again and I'm keen to try different inks .... Sepia might give some interesting results.

Here are some more Pen and Ink Drawings


  1. I love the combination of pen lines and the softness of the inkwashes!

    1. Yes, me too. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment Judy, I really appreciate it especially as you've already seen this stuff on Facebook. You're a star.

  2. John, thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your kind words about my work. I roamed around your blog here and your web page. I like your pen & ink washes...but that watercolor of the iris really captured my attention. Wow! I hope you are planning on doing more of them. I did read thru your postings about copyright infringement, and will probably go back and reread them. I am planning on putting your blog on my blog page so I can access it easily.

    1. Joan, I can't thank you enough for visiting my blog and spending so much time roaming around. And thank you for your kind words about the Iris.


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