Sunday, 14 October 2012


It's been quite a few weeks but I'm nearly finished with my redecorating. Just had to spend a few minutes with my sketchbook ...... and my chair. ;-)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Not enjoying painting ...

... but I'm not talking about THAT sort of painting. I'm talking about painting doors, window frames, skirting boards, etc. We're giving our living room a serious make over. I've always wanted a smooth flat ceiling yet every house we've ever owned has had the old-fashioned Artex stippled ceiling. On a few occasions I've stripped the Artex off myself and put up a textured ceiling paper. LOL ... that's fun if you've never tried it, papering a ceiling. However, this time I decided to have the job done properly so we had a tradesman in to re-plaster the ceiling for us, and it looks great. While I had the walls stripped of wallpaper I took the opportunity to run in some electric cables to give us some extra power points.

The best bit is that we've also decided to refurnish the room so it's out with the old 3-piece suite and in with something new. We are having two 2-seater Sofa's, one of which is an electric recliner and a 'special' chair for me. I have ordered a real Stressless recliner by the Norwegian manufacturer Ekornes. It's not a cheap option but once you've sat in one ..... hmmmmm.

Anyway, it's all coming together well and the end is in sight, which is a good thing because I haven't touched a brush (art type) or a pencil for weeks. The new furniture arrives next week and I've decided that the very last item to be put into the newly decorated room will be MY chair. So this post is by way of a warning that I'm likely not to post again for a while because once I'm in that chair I'm not moving for at least a month.

Because I have no art to share, I've decided to do something that I've been thinking of doing for a long time but never seem to get round to it .... share with you one of my other hobbies, photography. I have a Sony H9 Bridge camera with Zeiss lens and 15x optical zoom. It's a very versatile bit of kit but not in the same league as DSLR, which is something I'm thinking of getting very soon. I've never really been able to justify the cost of a good DSLR with the few opportunities I've had for photography, but now I'm retired things should be different ... if I can ever drag myself out of that chair.

A selection of my photo's are in a slideshow in my sidebar, and here are a few others. I hope you like them.