Sunday, 14 August 2011

Fuchsia - coloured

Fuchsia "Blackie"
I stood the ink drawing of the Fuchsia (see previous post) on my shelf where I could see it as I came and went into my 'study'. I always do this as it helps me to see them through the eyes of others after a while.

Anyway, the starkness of this sketch has been screaming at me to add some colour. In the end I gave in and washed in a weak Cadmium Red on the Sepals, and a weak Purple Lake to the corolla (petals).

In truth, the sepals should be much more vivid and the corolla ought to be very dark, almost black. Even so, I like this much better and have decided to do a proper painting of this flower when I can.


  1. John, I like that you've added color and I think you should go ahead and paint it.
    I've done several flowers in graphite, and even though the drawings were very good it lacked something.. I suppose it's because flowers are all about color..I might post it to the forum.. . go ahead ...PAINT IT!

  2. The added colour is fab! Can't wait to see what you do when you paint it.

  3. Barbra Joan, thank you for posting your drawings in the forum. They are superb and go to prove that pictures of flowers really do need colour. I will definitely be painting this one.

    Pat, I'm glad you like the coloured version. Thank you.

  4. I think your pen drawings are always beautifully done John, and this one is no exception. I also think this would be a great subject for a nice not-too-loose watercolour with the judicious use of wet in wet.

  5. Michael, I appreciate that very much. Thank you. ;-)

  6. I missed the last one for some reason - but looking at them both I love the coloured version, simply because I love colour (as you can probably tell by my blog)! I am loving your sketches John and I really hope to see some more :0)

  7. Yes Sandra, I had noticed you're a bright and breezy colour person. LOL. Thank you for the lovely comment. ;-)

  8. Would like to see it painted. Agree with the comments about flowers needing color. Lovely drawing.