Thursday, 11 August 2011


Fuchsia "Blackie"

I just haven't been able to do any drawing or painting lately and just had to do something. You know what it's like ... that itch just has to be scratched, no matter what.

With very little time I decided a quick pen sketch was the order of the day. Besides, I like the challenge of going straight onto the paper with ink. It is unforgiving and is a great confidence builder. As my regular followers will know, I'm rather partial to using non-permanent ink and a wet brush.

Normally I would choose a hard landscape to sketch with pen, but I thought it would be interesting to try something softer this time. I'm a very keen Fuchsia grower with several scores of different varieties. The delicate frills of this "Blackie" (really a very deep dark purple) was just what I was looking for.


  1. ooh, I know that itch!
    Love your fuchsia, very clean lines!
    I'm very fond of the hardy versions :)

  2. Thank you Pat. Though I do have some hardy varieties, I like the larger, more frilly, double flowers found on some of the tender varieties. ;-)