Sunday, 11 July 2010


This is something different for me, and I'm quite pleased with it.

Most of us have a favourite Rose, or a Rose that has a special meaning to us. Like many pet owners, when our beloved dogs pass on, we like to buy something for the garden as a token of remembrance. Our last pet was a brindle greyhound/sheepdog cross called Tess. Soon after she died we came across a rose at a garden centre called "Tess of the D'urbervilles" and we just had to buy it.

This Rose has no special meaning. It is just one of the Minature Rose varieties, but it's small size in no way detracts from it's beauty.


  1. You've done a great job with this rose! Delicately rendered, and lovely colors.

  2. You should be pleased with that John, it's beautiful!

  3. Thank you both very much for your kind comments. Much appreciated.

  4. Gosh John! I thought it was a photograph at first glance! It is beautiful!!

  5. John,

    This is beautiful! I can almost smell it.


  6. What a lovely thing to say Vicki. Thank you very much and thank you for visiting my blog.