Thursday, 2 October 2008

Anyone can paint!!!

It is true. Anyone who can use a pen to write their name has the skill necessary to make shapes on paper. To what extent we can make those shapes into recogniseable images is another matter. But the mistake a lot of people make is in believing that painting is only enjoyable if an image is recreated to near perfect proportions. That is nonsense. Regardless of the quality of the final result, there is a huge amount of pleasure, enjoyment and self satisfaction to be found in the making of a painting.

My own first painting efforts were awful but, as you will see by following that link, I learned a great deal from each of them. I also discovered that feedback and encouragement from others made a huge difference both to my progress and my enjoyment. Like everything in life, we do tend to enjoy things more when we're sharing them.

And this is where a Beginners Art Forum can pay such dividends. My forum consists of just a few beginners and novices with no true experts. I have spent time in art forums consisting of hundreds of active members, all of whom are extremely competent, and it can be a very intimidating experience for the beginner. Now this isn't the fault of the forum or its members. Most of them are extremely friendly people. But it is very hard for a raw beginner to proudly show off their latest masterpiece when everyone around them is already extremely competent and all-knowing. To show off your latest endeavour amongst a very small group of people of similar standard is far less intimidating and far more enjoyable and encouraging.

To inspire. That is one of the objectives of my forum. We have ongoing painting and drawing projects designed to encourage you to learn by comparing your own efforts with that of others. And fun projects such as our Picture Puzzle which are not to be taken too seriously at all. What do you mean, you wouldn't be able to paint a square for the puzzle? Bet you could!!! Some of the squares in that puzzle have been created by non-painters who joined in just for the fun of it. Honestly.

So if you've ever fancied having a go at painting, please consider joining the forum. Though we are not experts, we help each other along very nicely and there is not one member who won't tell you how much progress they have made just by being able to share and join in with others of similar standard. Encouragement, enthusiasm and enjoyment are there in abundance in a non-threatening, non-intimidating, warm and friendly environment.

If you want to know more before registering then please use the Contact Form on my main site.

Painting is a relaxing, enjoyable and rewarding pastime regardless of how good the end result. Have-a-go today.