Friday, 15 July 2011


Considering my next drawing/painting I reflected on how much I enjoyed drawing the Leopard with all of his unique markings and tried to think of another animal whose markings made it unique. There are several, but rummaging through some of my old photo's for inspiration I found this chappy.

Some years ago my family and I were driving slowly around the Woburn Safari Park here in the UK when a small herd of Zebra strolled aimlessly in front of us. It was a great photo opportunity. Zebra's are very social animals spending all their time in herds and they live in small family groups much as we do. Each animal's stripes are as distinctive as fingerprints, and no two zebra's are exactly alike. I'd like to think even this one's own mother would recognise him. LOL.


  1. Beautiful drawing John: as good as, if not better than, the leopard! Yes, I think the mother probably would recognise it from this :)

  2. Wow! I wouldn't have the patience for something like this! It's awesome!

  3. Your drawing skills are incredible John! Lovely work.

  4. Amazing work John, I just can't find anything wrong with it. ;-)

  5. Couldn't be better John, and I for one knows the patience it takes. You must have a ton of that !!!

  6. Thank you very much Michael, I appreciate that.

    Sandra, it did take quite a while and those stripes were driving me crazy. LOL

    Thanks Frank.

    Keith, there's plenty wrong with it but I'm trying a new technique of not pointing it out. ;-)

    Thank you Barbra Joan. I think your version of the same drawing is much more creative and 'arty' than mine.

  7. Beautiful work!
    I can imagine doing those stripes in pencil needed great concentration. You did a most excellent piece xx

  8. Thank you Pat for your lovely comment. ;-)