Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Pastel Pencils

"Sally" - Pastel Pencils - 8" x 6"

It's been a long time since I last participated in blogland as 'life' gets in the way sometimes, as we all know. Though I'm not properly back into my art yet I did have an opportunity a few days ago to draw or paint for a short while. Last Christmas my daughter bought me a small set of Pastel Pencils because I'd expressed an interest in them and I thought it about time that I got them out and had a play. I don't know what sort of thin card I used so don't know how typical it is or how it compares to 'proper' pastel card but this oddment was lying around so it seemed sensible to use it for my first trial. I have to say I found the experience quite enlightening. I  found the mixing of colours on the 'canvas' and the blending process so much easier than with coloured pencils. On the negative side I did find sharpening the pencils difficult as some of them kept breaking and obviously they don't keep their point for long. All in all I really enjoyed my short venture into Pastel Pencils and hope to do a lot more with the, in the future.