Monday, 18 February 2013

Horse and Carriage

First of all, an apology to my fellow bloggers. I just haven't been able to get round all of your blogs of late due to family commitments. Following a recent illness and a few days in hospital, my elderly parents (87 and 94) have reached the stage where they can no longer manage to live in their rather large (for them) 2-storey house. So I am heavily involved in driving across town every day to deal with the things they can't manage and I'm also house-hunting to try and get them a smaller bungalow close to where I live. I'm as enthusiastic as ever to look at your creations and I'll get to your sites as and when I'm able.

Wanting to continue with my art but seriously lacking time, a couple of weeks ago I decided to start a new pencil drawing because I knew this would be something I could work on a few minutes at a time as and when opportunities presented. And this is what I've been working on ......

A pencil drawing of a Horse and Carriage in Cockington

If any of you have ever visited Cockington, in Torbay I know you will have seen this local horse and carriage. It actually provides a valuable service as it is a fully licensed Horsedrawn Hackney Carriage and offers a taxi service from the seafront in the nearby town of Torquay, along the country lanes to the Blacksmith's Forge in Cockington village. 

I underestimated the amount of detail in the carriage and chose A4 paper (Daler Rowney Heavyweight paper 130lb 11" x 8"). I'm thinking it might be nice to do the drawing again but much larger and I'm contemplating doing a series involving different carriages. In readiness I intend to research carriages and try and identify this one but if any of you know what type of carriage it is please let me know.