Wednesday 16 March 2011

Another portrait

Flushed with the success of my first portrait, and floating in the clouds on the back of the encouraging comments from my blogger friends, I've had a go at another one. John Wayne was my film hero back in my younger days, many lifetimes ago. I know he played many parts during his career but I always think of him as a cowboy.

While I have no intention of giving up on watercolours, I have to recognise how differently I feel when working with pencil. When painting I know I struggle. I find it difficult to make the paint do what I want it to do and although I've produced one or two passable pieces, they have been hard work and I've felt I've stumbled my way through each one. Pencil, on the other hand, feels comfortable to work with and I feel in control at all times. I feel I am at the limits of what I can do with watercolour, but I feel I am only just beginning to understand pencil and can take it a lot further.

What next? I've a long list of subjects I'm just itching to draw, so watch this space.


  1. Another wonderful portrait John. You've got the essence of 'Duke' in his prime.

    I wouldn't worry about the watercolours. Maybe you're not suited to them, or maybe the time isn't right. You certainly seem to have an aptitude for dry media. If you want to put in some colour, I think you should explore the different coloured pencils that are around these days.

  2. John, so glad that I'm able to post this as I'm having a computer problem .. but must tell you how well you've captured all of John Wayne in this outstanding portrait. I hope you continue on this path, as your talent is very evident.. Don't stop now.. I can relate to your watercolor versus pencil... I have the same outlook continuing to try watercolor , but knowing its the pencil that gives the satisfaction... No rules here that says you can't do both..

  3. Thank you Keith. I am going to try coloured pencils.

    Barbra Joan, thank you for such a lovely post. Though I'm enjoying my pencils, I can't ever see me giving up the watercolours.

  4. I don't believe you have reached your limits with watercolour at all John! Your pencil work is brilliant and it shows that you are comfortable with it, but eventually we will get to grips with watercolour too and your already way ahead of me in that department! :0)

  5. Sandra, I would be delighted if I could get anywhere near your level of competence, but thank you. ;-)


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