Friday, 15 February 2008

Latest Picture Puzzle

My forum's latest Picture Puzzle (number 4) is a change from previous versions. Previously we've copied an existing painting but this time we've decided to use a photograph. Choosing a suitable subject for this project is not always easy because it's important that every 'square' has something of interest in it. Large expanses of blue sky or green fields can be very boring if all you are given to paint is a blue or green square.
JWJarts Forum - Picture Puzzle Painting ProjectFor this first time with a photo, we are using a picture I took last summer of some of my Fuchsia's. It's not the greatest of photo's as far as photo's go, but it has sufficient detail in all corners to ensure that every artist has something interesting to paint. Not only do the artists enjoy the challenge of painting something, but the fact that they don't know what the overall final picture will look like adds to the interest. They also have much fun guessing who has painted each square. If you're a novice painter, why not join us - JWJarts Art Forum - for beginners by beginners

Come back often and watch as new segments are added to this months Puzzle Picture.