Tuesday, 10 May 2011


It seems like an age since I last did some drawing or painting, but a few days ago I had the opportunity to tackle a quick picture. Knowing how I get more and more embroiled in detail once I start messing with my pencils, I decided a quick excursion with my brushes would be more in order. I decided to have a go at this view of Glencoe in Scotland.

Discussing the location with my Scottish friend uncovered an interesting issue with the name. I had looked up some things online and found that the village of Glencoe was referred to as Glencoe, but the area of Glencoe was actually referred to as Glen Coe. Well, when I called it Glen Coe I almost got smacked. Thank goodness you can't send 'physical contact' by email. Anyway, I did some more checking and found sites like Wikipedia and organisations like Ordnance Survey using Glen Coe, but others like the Scottish Tourist Board using Glencoe. But as far as I'm concerned, if my friend says it's Glencoe, then it's Glencoe.

The painting is a very long way from being one of my best, or even good, but you know what .... it doesn't matter. I splashed on the paint, and even managed to get some on the paper, and had a thoroughly enjoyable hour or two. Whilst it's always nice to get a good result, the true enjoyment comes from the doing.


  1. I actually LOVE this John.
    I have travelled through Glencoe on many occasions. Not only by car but I have also cycled through it whilst cycling from John o Groats to Lands End!
    In my opinion you have captured it incredibly well indeed. love it!!

  2. Thank you Sandra. Wow, cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End - what an achievement that was. I've passed through Glencoe twice by car and couldn't stop on either occassion. I'm keen to go again - but not by bike!!