Thursday 8 June 2023

Boys and their toys

One thing I'd always fancied owning was a remote control car. Obviously, when I was a boy back in the days before the ark, there were no such things as radio controlled vehicles, and during my working years, there were far too many other priorities for a 'toy car' to figure in my thinking. But now I'm retired, and with little else to think about, my inner child is able to come to the fore.

Looking around on the internet I researched the various types of car from kiddies toys to adult scale models, from really fast racing cars to really slow trucks. It didn't take long to settle on the type of vehicle I wanted. They are called "Rock Crawlers", a name derived from the fact that these vehicles are much slower than regular cars but have the ability to crawl and climb over rocks and other obstacles. Not wanting to be restricted to flat and level surfaces, and not having the reactions for fast action, this type of vehicle ticked my boxes perfectly. 

After months of very enjoyable research reading articles, watching videos and studying reviews, I settled on the HPI Toyota FJ Venture Cruiser. This is a scale model of a Toyota FJ 4x4 and the detail is most impressive, as is it's driving capabilities. I had numerous hard landscaping projects going on in my garden at the time so had plenty of opportunity to drive this beast up and down mountains of earth, and send it clambering over rocks and boulders. It is also extremely weather proof so, as you can see from the photo's, negotiating deep snow drifts is no problem for it.

Yeah! I'm just a big kid at heart .... and proud of it!! LOL.


  1. Yep, boys and their toys. MDH went for a robot dog, we had a couple.

    1. Oh, a robot dog ... that sounds cool. Lots of fun to be had with one of those I would imagine. Thanks Jo.

  2. Sounds like a fun toy. Enjoy it!!!


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