Wednesday 17 May 2023

Kitten on fence


As you will all know, I run a small Art Forum on my web site. My site and the forum are specifically aimed at encouraging beginners to art in the hope that we can help them through that initial "I can't do this" phase. 

To that end we run a few projects and challenges and one of the most popular is the Monthly Painting and Drawing Project which invites all the members to paint or draw the same subject. Members often find themselves attempting a subject that they wouldn't normally attempt, and the expression "out of my comfort zone" is very common.

Being outside of one's 'comfort zone' is an excellent place to be because it causes you to have to try harder and it leads to more mistakes, and as we know, 'mistakes' are where you do all you're learning. There's not a lot to learn from something that you can do easily and competently.

One of the members chose this picture of a kitten walking along the top of a fence for one of the challenges. I can't imagine I'd have ever chosen this subject to draw under normal circumstances but I really enjoyed doing it. My young granddaughter loved the picture too, so it's now hanging on the wall of her bedroom. Happy days!!

Some more Pencil drawings from my web site


  1. Interesting subject. I rarely do animals since I do most of my painting and sketching from life. It would be out of my comfort zone too.

    1. Oh yes, I wouldn't attempt one without a good reference photo .... even then I find them challenging. LOL

    2. One year I was taking part in a challenge to do "30 Paintings in 30 Days" to start off the month of January. So I challenged myself to paint pets and asked friends on FB to send me a photo of their pet if they were interested in letting me do a portrait it. But then when the challenge was over I once again I stopped doing them. lol

    3. I can't imagine painting 30 pets in 30 days.... that's crazy. ;-)


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