Friday, 22 July 2011

The church with the door

All Saints, Earls Barton, Northampton
I recently posted a painting of a door situated halfway up the side of a church tower and doing the painting caused me to think it would be nice to paint the whole church. On this occasion I fancied doing a Pen & Wash and I decided I'd like the pen work to be complete enough for the drawing to stand in it's own right, before the addition of colour. I think I've accomplished that, though I do keep getting the urge to add another pen mark here and there. One of the things I can't really capture properly are the different architectures. The lower section of the church is made of stone blocks, the upper section of bricks, and the tower itself is rendered. Hopefully the different colours will help in the final painting.


  1. It's lovely to see a work in progress. It's great to see how each stage adds a new dimention and I am sure you will get the different textural effects of the types of stone with the colours you choose. So far so good! It's lovely :0)

  2. Looking good John. I like the perspective on the tower which shows the church is on a slight hill above the eye level - as indeed many high churches are! I'm looking forward to seeing the washed version. :)

  3. John this certainly does stand on it's own ... no rules say you can't do more than one... painting, pen, pen and wash.
    I too like seeing the different stages of a piece... BJ

  4. Thanks Sandra.

    Michael, I wasn't sure about that degree of perspective so it pleases me to read that it works okay. Thank you.

    Barbra Joan, it pleases me very much that you think this stands in it's own right. That's what I was hoping to achieve. Thanks