Tuesday, 28 June 2011

My graphite favourites

As some of you will know, as an extension to my art forum I like to give artists the opportunity to Showcase some of their work online. I have just launched a new Showcase and have decided to make use of it myself on this occassion.

Rather than show off a cross section of my work in different mediums (media?), I thought about what pleases ME the most. LOL ... I actually reflected on how some of you displayed you own personal favourites around the New Year and I thought what a great idea that was. Anyway, I reflected on the 3 mediums that I use. Although I enjoy getting messy with watercolour and get a great deal of satisfaction from pen work, I chose my pencil work for this Showcase.

I feel that I have turned a corner recently with this medium and that makes me feel good about my art. Each of the pieces I have displayed are pleasing to me in their own way. I found a massive amount of satisfaction and achievement with my first portrait (Capt. Jack Sparrow) and took forward what I learned from that one into the next one of John Wayne. But of all of them, the picture that I like the best is the Old Shed. I'm not even sure I can say why I like it most, it just touches the spot for me and I get a deep sense of self-satisfaction and contentment (with my art) every time I look at it.

Though it hasn't been that long since some of the pieces were posted on my blog I hope you'll hop over to the Showcase and have a look. And, as always when I'm posting about the showcase, I'll remind you that if YOU would like to showcase some of your work, then please contact me.


  1. I think I like the barn/shed best too John but all of your favourites are truly fabulous - John Wayne especially. But don't neglect those watercolours ;)

  2. Ahh... Now who could come between a man and his shed! It doesn't surprise me that you have a personal connection with it - Most men do! It's brilliantly drawn John :0)

  3. Thank you Michael. The watercolours beckon and I am dipping my brushes as we speak. ;-)

    Sandra, we've got to have somewhere to hide when the going gets tough. LOL. Thanks for the nice comment.

  4. Wonderful work John, you have inspired me to do some graphite work. Thank you for sharing.

  5. How lovely to see you here Joan, and thank you for the nice comment. ;-)

  6. I just had a look at that shed of yours, and I had to stop here to say I really think it´s a VERY nice one. I do understand your satisfaction! Great work!
    Now; my journey around your blog continues!
    (You are very wellcome to look inside my blog too, and maybe become a member of it. -I would be very happy if you did- You would be most wellcome.I paint in watercolour. And I posted a couple of drawings too. So maybe it will be to your liking. You´re wellcome!)

    1. Thank you for the nice comment about my shed Catharina, and for introducing yourself. I've looked at your blog and like your art - very nice work.