Thursday, 17 June 2010

Artists block.

It's been a while since I last posted art in my blog and that's because I haven't done any. There are many reasons ... very busy at work, jobs at home, family issues, other online distractions ... and there just aren't enough hours in the day. When I do find an opportunity to do something, I usually have only an hour or so and, to be quite honest, just can't seem to put my mind to getting out the stuff and looking for something to draw or paint.

I always believed 'artists block' was where an artist simply couldn't summon up suitable idea's in the same way as 'writers block' leaves an author devoid of words, but now I'm wondering if it's also a case of "can't be bothered". If you have any tips for getting the juices flowing again, let me hear from you.

This drawing was done a few years ago and is of a character created by a friend. It was a project to create a 3D image using computer software and he did very well. I couldn't resist getting it down on paper.


  1. Go to a local art gallery John. It never fails to inspire me! I also find other blogs inspiring too, including yours - so get scribbling!!

  2. PS. I am about to post you a challenge on my new post which I will be doing today - I thought you would be a good choice as you want some inspiration!

  3. OK John, try this if you're stuck for ideas or short on time. Grab a glossy magazine, turn it upside down and paint the first photo you see as blocks of colour, and don't do an initial sketch - just let the medium flow around the paper. Then show it to us!

  4. Sandra, as you know I've taken up your challenge. Thanks. ;-)

    Frank,thank you very much for the suggestion. It sounds like an interesting exercise.

  5. Use a sketch book in those odd moments and draw your feet, the room, the view outside... in 10/15 minutes you can get those juices flowing with out the hassle of getting out equipment. A

    lso, check out UrbanSketchers on flickr for their weekly theme, or just to see what others are doing OR pick an Everyday Matters challenge :D

  6. Sue, thank you very much for visiting my blog and for the sketching tips.