Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Looser still ?

Yes, the title is a question this time. I've had another go and set myself some distinct targets. I decided to do a sketch in my garden in the time it would take me to eat my lunch and have a cup of tea. So, with a sandwich in one hand, a pen in the other and my sketch pad balancing on my knee, I mapped out what I could see. I intended it to be really quick and loose, yet in many respects I failed. I did it in the time (30 minutes) and I've captured the essence of what I could see, but I still don't feel it is what we would call 'loose'. It wasn't until a friend pointed it out that I realised I'd drawn in the height-adjuster on the lawn mower. Duh!!! I was supposed to be dropping detail, not including it. LOL.


  1. That's so funny, the lawn mower detail. Heee. :)

    I think it's a great sketch :)

  2. It's definately looser! I have real problems with loosening up too. Great job!

  3. Thank you Crystal and Sandra.

    You know, the more I try to loosen up, the more I wonder why I should. Time for a post about "Loose versus Tight" me thinks.

  4. Following on from the Edinburgh sketch, this one is so good and going in the right direction. It's definately more loose!