Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Support for Beginners

Regulars to my blog will be aware that my art forum runs a periodic Picture Puzzle. This is where a picture is sliced up into a dozen squares and a variety of artists are each given one to copy. The dozen newly painted segments are then reassembled to create a unique composite painting.

A while ago, one of my forum members attended a masterclass being run by Fiona Pearts and Terry Harrison. During that course, the member talked about our forum and what it is trying to do by way of encouraging beginners. As a consequence of that discussion, both Fiona and Terry kindly gave their permission for us to use any of their pictures as material for our various projects. Having a 'proper' painting to copy rather than the usual home-produced photograph lifts the puzzle to a new level.
We are all very grateful to Fiona and Terry for their generous permissions.

The current project uses a painting by Terry Harrison called "Winters Day" and is shown here. Come back often and watch it taking shape.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Castle Door

Time is getting the better of me and I'm not posting anywhere near as often as I'd like to. Regrettably, this also means that I'm not getting any time for painting or drawing. Some time ago I returned from a holiday in Wales, with a camera bursting with photo's to be painted. Recently I returned from a week in Yorkshire, similarly laden with images to be transposed to canvas. Mind you, I did make time for this 'quickie'. It is an old wooden door in the wall of the ruined Knaresborough Castle. That is a fine old building. Completely in ruins, but beautifully kept with manicured lawns and some beautiful surroundings. The views out across the valley to the viaduct crossing the River Nidd, are nothing less than spectacular. It was the sort of place where you just can't put your camera down for a second.