Friday, 25 July 2008

Having a break.

My camera is still very much a 'new toy' and I like to sieze every opportunity to take some photographs. Since the first butterfly of the year, I have been trying to get a close up of one. I've often been seen chasing a butterfly around the garden with my camera in my hand, ready to call out 'say cheese' as soon as the little blighter lands on a flower. I've even tried waiting close to a butterfly-friendly bush such as Hebe or Buddleia, but always without success. Yesterday, to my huge delight, this wonderful Red Admiral fluttered past all the tempting flowers in the garden and settled on a rock. I ran indoors to grab my trusty camera and, to my amazement on my return, the little chappy was still there obviously enjoying a short break from his daily toil. I fired off a couple of shots on full zoom and then started to close in for something better. That was when he decided he'd rested enough and took to the air once more. I followed him hopefully across my garden but nothing would tempt him to settle again. Still, I got this shot so I'm not displeased, and maybe he'll came back to pose again one day. I hope so.

Monday, 21 July 2008

The Cavalry

A week or two ago I noticed a very large number of Black Fly colonising on my Runner Beans, Peas and few plants around the garden. I haven't had the time to do anything about it, but even if I had, I am reluctant to spray chemicals, even 'safe' ones.

Yesterday I went to inspect my 'veg' and the Black Fly didn't seem quite as bad as it had been. Then I saw the reason. As I watched, a 'Ladybird' appeared from beneath a leaf. A moment later, another one. When I inspected the plants more closely I found many Ladybirds munching away on those horrible little black flies. Hurray, the cavalry had arrived.

Now, being a complete ignoramus in such matters, I do need to look up why Ladybirds come in different colours and varieties. Most of mine are orange with black spots, there are a few of the traditional red with black spots, and just the odd one of the black with orange spot variety. I seem to recall reading somewhere that there is a variety of Ladybird that is not so nice and not so beneficial in the garden, but I can't recall the details now. I'll go and do some research as soon as I can but, in the meantime, if you know more about this then please leave a comment.