Monday, 9 June 2008

Year round garden

There is no way I could ever call myself a 'gardener' as I don't have a great deal of knowledge of plants or the conditions they all require, however, I do appreciate having a garden that always looks nice and always looks cared for. Since purchasing my current property, which already had a nicely laid-out garden, I have looked for ways to give it year round interest but with minimum effort. As a very busy working man I have too little time for tending to a garden and I quickly realised that summer bedding plants, as nice as they are, only fill the garden during the summer.

As a result, I started to take cuttings from shrubs to increase their numbers, and also purchased a new shrub from time to time. Over the last few years, the space for bedding plants has reduced dramatically, and now I have very few empty places for the scores of annuals I used to put out every June. This has a number of advantages. Firstly the garden never looks empty even in the winter. Secondly, where there's a plant there can't be a weed. Thirdly, maintenance is reduced quite considerably. And finally, there is always something going on to look at and be interested in. It is this last point that has formed the focus of my latest web page ... "My Garden". The page shows flowers from every month of the year and there is no part of the year where there isn't something going on.

With my trusty new camera I am having great fun taking photo's of the ever changing display of colour in my garden and I will continue to post my latest photo's on my web page. Since my main passion are Fuchsia's and since they are beginning to flower about now, I am really looking forward to snapping lots of Fuchsia photo's over the next few months. I may even make a web page specifically for them especially since my pages about Fuchsia Cuttings and Fuchsia Care seem to be so popular.