Thursday 27 September 2007

Watercolours for Beginners

LOL ... I had to chuckle to myself when I looked back at my first 3/4 posts. The whole point behind building my website some years ago was to try and encourage people to have a go at watercolours. That is still the major emphasis behind my website, it is the sole reason why I created my Art Forum, and was the main purpose for starting this blog. Yet my first few posts seem to be about anything but watercolours.

I believe that everyone has the ability to draw and paint. What don't have is the knowledge of "How". If a person starts with very simple scenes and grasps a few basics, then progressively more difficult images can be accomplished as experience grows. This is why I make such a big thing on my site about "having-a-go".

Regrettably, many people who do have-a-go, start off with something much too hard, make a hash of it and therefore conclude that they can't paint. This is what I did in my teens and I wrote-off any artistic tendencies I may have as a result. When I tried again, more sensibly, in my fifties, I was absolutely astounded. Oh, don't get me wrong ... my pictures aren't brilliant ... but that's not the point. They are MY pictures and I had great fun making them.

In my Art Forum we run a Monthly Painting Project in which we all, regardless of experience, paint the same subject. We then look at them all together, not to determine which is best and which is worse but to appreciate each others approach, style and accomplishment and learn from what others have done. Interestingly, 'the others' learn from us also. In another post I will show you some of the projects we have undertaken. They may not be 'great art' but we're all proud of them.

So, if you've ever thought you wouldn't mind trying your hand at drawing or painting then visit my website. Better still, join my forum. Guaranteed, the question "I'd like to draw but don't know where to start" will be greeted by warm and friendly help, suggestions and encouragement. Go on ... do it ... "have-a-go".

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