Saturday, 4 June 2011

First Sale

I'm just back from visiting our local "Art in the Park" exhibition in which I entered my "Steel Worker" painting. Guess what? It has sold!!!
This is a first for me and I have mixed feelings over it. I thought I'd feel hugely excited but I don't. I'm very pleased that someone liked it enough to pay real  money for it but I am going to miss having it hang on my wall. Still, I had a count up and there are 70 paintings in the exhibition, of which only 14 have sold, and I find that very flattering, especially since we are only 2 weeks into a 6 week run. It's a big confidence booster that's for sure. I must make a bigger effort to track down some other exhibitions. ;-)


  1. Let me be the first to say Congratulations, John. I'm not surprised at all. It was a well done and unique subject.
    Most definitely you should look into other exhibits..

  2. Congratulations jon!! And I know exactly how you feel, I felt the same way when my first painting sold. It's hard to part with them, they're a little piece of us going away. The painting is beautiful and you should feel proud! :)

  3. Well done, John and very well deserved too! I first saw this painting a while back, before I was following, and was very impressed by how well you had treated a difficult subject :)

  4. Well done John. The painting looks superb here and it must have looked even better in the exhibition.

    I think everyone probably feels the same about parting with a painting they're fond of. There is always an even better one waiting to be painted though!

  5. What amazing and exciting news!!!!!! You could have always made a print for yourself couldn't you?
    I am so pleased for you. Congratulations!
    I would LOVE to have the confidence to exhibit something :0)

  6. Barbra Joan, thank you very much. I think its uniqueness is part of why it sold. It stood out from the usual landscapes and buildings.

    Crystal, it is good to know I'm not alone with the mixed feelings. Yes, I do feel proud - thank you.

    Michael, thank you for the kind words. You wouldn't have been impressed if you'd seen the awful mess I got into with it, but it's the end result that counts I guess. :)

    Thank you Keith. I was lucky in the exhibition as it is one of the first paintings you see as you walk through the door.

    Sandra, thank you. Yes, I can run a print any time. I always scan and save high definition tiff images of every painting/drawing. As for confidence, you have nothing to fear. Your work would be outstanding in an exhibition and I for one would travel miles to see it. ;-)