Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Pen Sketch

When in the office, I usually check my emails and forum while I'm having a sandwich at lunchtime, but today some unplanned maintenance prevented me from using my computer for a while. At a loss for something to do during my break I picked up a sheet of copier paper and a black pen. Looking around my office for inspiration, I decided to sketch my jacket that hangs on the wall nearby.

Yesterday I was looking at the fine pen work of Sue Pownall and in particular her hatching. Creating shadow by hatching isn't something I've done much of so this gave me an opportunity to try my hand at it.


  1. This is wonderful John - Perhaps you should use your lunchtime to do things like this more often :0)

  2. Very nice indeed ... is that crumbs I see??? :))

  3. Thank you Sandra. Yes, I had the same thought. I think these little quick sketches are good for our eye.

    Crumbs Ingrid? I hope not ... I try not to waste a drop. LOL.

  4. John, your drawing of the jacket is excellent. Crumbs, ?? yes, Ingrid I too see crumbs..
    This post however brought me to another that I hadn't seen before from your distant past John,,
    the locomotive, hand and the other jacket.. they are super good.. and yes, this IS a better pastime than being on the computer !

  5. Thank you Barbra Joan, and thank you also for your nice comment about my other older drawings. I agree with you about this being a better pastime, but without being on the computer I wouldn't have met all you wonderful Bloggers who help me so much with my art.