Saturday, 22 January 2011

Winter blues?

Not me! Here in the UK (he says, bearing in mind that our cyberworld is truly global), we still have a lot of winter to get through, and in some area's the worst of the snow and bad weather is still to come. It's all to easy to stay indoors in the belief that spring is a long way off. 

Having just spent a delightful couple of hours in my garden, sucking up fallen leaves and clearing away dead and rotten foliage from deciduous plants, I couldn't help but notice the signs that spring is coming. Some trees and plants just seem too impatient to wait for the better weather. 

With the birds whistling and singing, and buds forming in the Lilac's and Ribes, the rebirth that our gardens experience every spring is already clearly evident. The Verbena's have already formed clusters of small flower buds and their dark green leaves look just a little less weary than they did. 

I found Ladybird sheltering on this one so carefully took her into my greenhouse where she'll be much warmer. She'll repay me later when all those nasty aphids try to make my young cuttings their home.

The Snowdrops have been busily pushing up their new green shoots since Christmas and the first of the flower buds are now visible. Another week should see some of them opening, and a couple of weeks from now, they will be in their element. As usual, I will be out there with my camera, getting down in amongst them.

So whereas the first half of winter is about watching our gardens die off into hibernation, the second half is about awakening, new growth and the promise of a joyful spring just around the corner.


  1. Well John.. you optimist YOU!
    While here in Central Florida we are lamenting about weather in the '50's.. and tonite will actually go down to 35.. All the human 'snowbirds' as we call them are here enjoying the sun even if its 50 .. They are from much colder parts everything is relevant. We have green all year round but nothing like summer here when we live in a rainforest atmosphere.. I'm looking forward also to when my beautiful bouganvilla comes alive with those brilliant magenta blooms that I love so much. It's coming!!

  2. Barbra Joan, I hadn't realised Florida could get so cold. Your Bouganvilla sounds wonderful.