Saturday, 15 January 2011

Old Fishing Boat

Probably my favourite medium, certainly at this time, is soluble pen. I just fancied doing a quickie sketch and was trying to think of a subject when a friend posted a photograph of an old fishing boat on another forum. The biggest problem I have with sketches like this is leaving them alone. I see lots of pen lines and brush strokes that cause me to think "why did I do that?" and there is this massive urge to pick up my pen and try to correct things. I think the technical term is 'fiddle'.


  1. I am also a fan of watersoluble pen. It is perfect just as it is! Definitely don't fiddle - I make that mistake far too often!

  2. Nice sketch, John, and yes fiddling is hard to resist sometimes!

  3. It is a very nice drawing! I cannot draw but I can give advice :) Your missing a sun :) :)