Friday, 28 January 2011


In some ways I'm disappointed with this latest painting as it's a bit too 'rough and ready'. On the other hand, I'm quite pleased with the overall effect as it is only 3" x 2" in size. I don't know if there is a generally recognised size that defines 'miniature' but if this doesn't qualify, it's certainly very small.

I found working with watercolour quite interesting at this scale as there just isn't the same scope for running out the water. It was all to easy to just deposit a drop of paint on the paper and find it bound by its own surface tension. Working drier than normal seemed to be the best way.

The other problem I had was actually seeing what I was doing. I have to take my glasses off to see things very close up but I was copying this painting from a reference photo on my computer. I can't see my computer monitor very well without my glasses and I couldn't see my painting properly with them. So most of the time I had a brush in my right hand and my specs in the left.

It was another of those things I wanted to try, and I enjoyed doing it. Might have a go at something smaller next.


  1. Oh John, despite all your 'spec' problems you did very well.. Yes I would say this definetly comes under the heading of miniatures.
    And if you had made it
    3 1/2" x 2 1/2" it could be under the ATC guide. ATC's are Artist Trading Cards in case you don't know.. they are traded, never sold and are a whole other world.. I used to belong to an ATC yahoo group.. Oh yes, something else to do !!!

  2. Thanks Barbra Joan.
    I'd heard something about paintings on cards that got traded around but didn't know any more than that. I'll have to find out more about ATC's - sounds like good fun.

  3. Nice little painting John, simple, affective and once again very colourful.
    Sounds like you need varifocal lenses in your specs.

  4. Thanks Frank.
    I have TWO sets of specs, both varifocals. One set ranged from about a metre to infinity for everyday stuff, and the other ranged from about 12" to 1 metre for reading, computer and desk work. They work fine most of the time, but not for real end-of-your-nose close work.

  5. I can't believe you managed this on such a small scale! I must try one one day :0)

  6. Please do Sandra, it makes a lovely change to scale things down. ;-)

  7. I am amazed at the details you arrived at with this miniature and it is looking fabulous! I found your art through Barbra"s blog today!