Tuesday, 29 September 2009


In the Autumn of 2008 my wife and I holidayed in Yorkshire, not far from the market town of Knaresborough. The town is situated on a cliff top overlooking the River Nidd. The cliff makes a fine natural defence and so it was a logical choice to build a castle. The castle has largely gone now but it's remnants are well displayed in a perfectly manicured park area that overlooks the river valley. The view from the park towards the railway viaduct with it's fine arches bridging the valley, is quite breathtaking.

This pen study will never do justice to the beautiful view, but it was fun to do. I find the challenge of going straight in with the pen (no pencil guidelines first) very rewarding.


  1. Yes pen over pencil is no fun. :-)

    I like the sense of perspective. I think pen (and watercolour) is your medium.

  2. Thank you Keith. This is my first pen-only drawing and I enjoyed it immensely. Pen & Wash is certainly my favourite medium.