Tuesday, 27 November 2007

More art FUN !!!

Anyone who has read my blog previously will be aware that I run an Art Forum, and that the great bunch of members there love to find new and interesting ways of making their art fun. For quite some time now, we have had a Monthly Painting Project, in which we all paint the same photograph and then display them all together at the end of the month and compare notes.
JWJart Forum - Picture Puzzle Project #3
The most recent project we have tried is one that we have decided to call 'Picture Puzzle'. An existing painting is disected into squares (not literally) and the squares are distributed to the members, each member then painting his or her square. As the squares are painted, so they are added back into a grid, gradually rebuilding the original painting. The first one we did is shown a few posts down. Here is the picture for our second one. Why not come back from time to time and watch it gradually taking shape.

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