Monday, 24 September 2007

New Chapter

I have built and run my own web site for a few years now, and have often thought about creating a blog. There often seems to be things to say or updates to announce that would benefit from an easier, more independant source. For example, I had no easy way of heralding the opening of my brand new Art Forum in April, nor of promoting my mathematical forecast of the Rugby World Cup. The addition of new art to my web site will be something else I can promote from here, and it will be so much easier to provide a bit of background to each new creation.
LOL ... I'm quite sure this blog isn't going to get a massive following (or even a small one) but if I can get it working sympathetically with what I am also doing on my web site and in my forum, then it will prove to be very useful facillity and one that moves the development of my online presence into a new chapter.

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