Thursday 24 August 2023

"Maud": Finished for now

The new pieces I made for the bow and stern of the boat, together with the new Toe Rails have now been stained and fixed in place. 

The curved piece for the stern split as I was nailing it into place so I had to make a new one. This time I've not used nails but glued it in to place. The boat isn't going into water so there's no need to worry about it getting wet. 

The next step is to stain the whole thing and then give it a good waxing and polish. 

I decided to use a medium Oak stain because I didn't want the hull to be too dark.

The first coat of stain I applied with a brush and was a little disappointed in the brush marks that were visible once it had dried. 

After sanding the hull again, I applied a second coat of stain by wiping it on with a cloth. This gave me a smoother and more even finish.

To finish this stage of the project I applied a couple of layers of wax polish, buffing well between coats. I haven't achieve the mirror like finish I would have liked but the boat has a nice sheen to it, and looks good.

This project will be put away for a while now as I have no idea what to do next. Part of me wants to keep "Maud" as a wooden ornament, as she is now, but part of me would like to do some construction work and make her into a proper model boat. For now she sits proudly atop a cabinet in my study while I research my options and ponder my next step.


  1. Looks awesome! I love the light stain and the fact that you can see the grain of the wood so clearly. Great job!

  2. It's beautiful as a wooden ornament! I can understand that you want to think about how to proceed.

    1. I'm not a good decision maker at the best of times. LOL. Thank you Judy.

  3. Guess a little cabin wouldn't harm.

    The grain of the wood on the side is just spectacular !!

    Somehow does this reminds me of a bloke whoe made "Dutcheridoo's"

    1. I'd thought of a small cabin too. I made the mistake of asking for some guidance on a model boat forum and was swiftly chastised. Apparently the shape of the hull is not right for boats with cabins. In fact, it's not 'right' for making into any sort of scale model. In other words, it can only be an unauthentic ornament, or an unauthentic 'toy'. I hadn't thought of a Didgeridoo though. LOL.

  4. This is so beautiful, a true work of art.

  5. Maud is beautiful. I can understand why you're keen to press on,J but if you decide to leave her as she is she certainly wouldn't look unfinished ~ stunning work!


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