Monday, 19 December 2011

Some basic Maths

I'm absolutely delighted to have been presented with The Versatile Blogger award by fellow bloggers Sandra, Renske and Michael. It is a requirement of the award that I pass it on to 15 other bloggers and that I also state 7 facts about myself. I'm going to do that last part, but not the first.

Think about this award for a moment and do some basic maths. One person nominates 15 blogs. Each of them nominates 15 more. so that makes 225. Each of those 225 nominate 15 more, so that is 3375. And each of them nominates 15, which makes 50,625. I've traced the award back over at least 6 levels, and if every recipient nominated 15 more blogs, then my award is just one of 11,390,625. You can see where this is heading .... the next round will generate in excess of 170 million awards. Also, to be quite honest, I would struggle to nominate 15 blogs that I follow that aren't already recipients.

I'm sure that this sounds as if I'm very ungrateful to have received the award, but nothing could be further from the truth. For me, the true award is being considered worthy to receive it by my peers. I don't need a fancy logo with a title ... just to be named in Sandra, Renske and Michael's lists is prize enough. Thank you all.

As to 7 facts about myself .....

1.  Well into my 60's now, I am working part time and about to retire fully very soon.
2.  I am a keen amateur photographer and I would have a photography blog if I had time for another.
3.  My favourite saying is "Don't let your past dictate who you are, but let it be part of who you will become".
4.  I am very shy and introvert which prevents me sketching/painting en plein air - but that is something I am determined to rectify in the new year.
5.  I hate the way other people's cats come into my garden to use it as their own personal toilet and kill the wild birds that I've encouraged down.
6.  I would love to spend Xmas in a log cabin in the mountains, snowed in with ample provisions and a roaring log fire.
7.  I'm an expert at taking some nice fresh watercolour pigments and turning them into mud.

Merry Christmas one and all.


  1. Oh you manage to make me chuckle every time I visit!
    I am rubbish at maths so I hadn't thought of it that way! :0)

  2. Had to laugh about the maths in your post...I'd thought about it too, but the maths was beyond me!...suffice to say I merely saw it a bit like Pyramid Selling without the money! HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

  3. You have absolutely right. Actually I also think it is nonsense, but on the other hand, however, it's also as a compliment for your work. ;-) Congratulations with your award.

  4. Sandra, thank you again for including me in your list of recipients. That's worth more than any 'award'. ;-)

    Ann, you're spot on with the Pyramid selling. Just think, if everyone who recieved the award had to send back just 10 pence, the originator would be a million-aire by now. Happy Christmas.

    Renske, I agree with you completely about it being a huge compliment, and the sentiment behind the award is really all that matters. Thank you again for including me in your selection. ;-)

  5. Firstly, congratulations John, well deserved! But although I am not good at maths, I thought about it too!
    I love to read your 7 facts! I agree wholeheartedly with nr. 3 and 5. And I am an expert at nr. 7 too! :)

  6. John, I am still giggling at your description of yourself! Congrats on the award. And I wish you a very happy Christmas [log cabin, or no]

  7. John you're the best! I'd sussed this too .. I live a mathematical life .. just wish that was the case for my finances! Could this be your exponential rise to fame perhaps LOL.
    I nominated you too and also gave back a nomination to Sandra .. so that would become recursive, round and round until it disappeared up in its own proverbial :)
    I've not gone for good, just taking a break! We have to meet up my friend .. if I can sketch outside, anyone can :)

  8. Thank you very much Judy, I think we're all quite good at making the mud occassionally. ;-)

    Hi Kathryn. If we can't laugh at ouselves who can we laugh at - lol. Happy Christmas to you too.

    Michael, exponential AND recursive? My word, you'll be talking Quantum Theory and Black Holes next. lol. My apologies for missing that you'd also passed me the award - don't know how I missed that post. Glad to hear you're only taking a break and YES, we really must meet up for a sketching day. Look forward to it. ;-)

  9. Well at least you are not too shy to share your watercolors and thoughts with your fellow blogger. Happy holidays!

  10. Oops! hat should have been bloggers, plural.Jean

  11. Ah, we can all be brave behind the anonymity of our keyboards Jean. Happy holidays to you too. ;-)

  12. wow! that is a lot of bloggers! love your answers.

  13. John, you always put a smile on my face. How true with the awards.

    May you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.

  14. Oh, thank you Joan, what a lovely thing to say. Merry Christmas to you.

  15. You are so right John! Thanks to your post, I won't pass the award.

    I love your 7th fact (but I don't believe it).