Friday, 22 October 2010

Coal Mine

When in Yorkshire a couple of years ago I visited the National Coal Mining Museum. It was a fabulous day out and I can highly recommend it if you're in the area. As usual, I wandered around with my camera glued to the front of my face and took the usual scores of photo's. In particular I was looking for a scene that adequately summed up the colliery and that would make a nice painting. Of all the photo's I took AT the mine, the view I like the best is this one taken just after we'd left.


  1. I do like this John, considering it is not a subject I would even think of painting , but you done it so well.

  2. Thank you Barbra Joan, I appreciate that very much. I'm rather fond of this medium.

  3. Great work again John. This has a nice fresh feel, lovely colours and sky and a sort of technical illustrative feel to it.