Saturday, 7 November 2009


In my garden I have an annoying clump of mushrooms that grow each year near the base of one of the apple trees. I usually try and remove them as soon as I see them, and since they grow in my lawn, they are almost always hacked up by my mower. Because of the way mushrooms leave their fungal spores in the soil, I even tried replacing a square of grass so as to discard the infected area, but still they grow.

This year, due to my inability to deal with them at the appropriate time, they have been left to grow. Today, with the sun shining nicely and me having time on my hands, I wandered out there with my camera and have loaded the results to my web site ....

I've tried searching to identify the strain (? variety) of mushroom but have had no success so far. If anyone knows, please let me know. ;-)


  1. Nice close-up photos John.

    I think they might be Shaggy Pholiotas. If so I don't think they will damage the tree in the way that Honey Fungus would. In any case they sound pretty well established in the garden. Maybe best to just look forward to them as a photo opportunity in the autumn. :-)

  2. Yes, that's them!!! Thank you for identifying them Keith. Shame they're not edible ... but as you say, since I can't get rid of them I might as well enjoy them photographically. Hmmm ... wonder if I could paint them. ;-)