Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Are you an Artist?

If so, my forum for Art beginners needs YOU!!! In my mid-fifties I unexpectedly discovered a modest ability with regards to drawing and painting. That's another story that I won't bore you with here. But my new found 'skill' (using the word very loosely) caused me to wonder how many others had latent skills that weren't being used. I created my web site and a forum for beginners, like me, who wanted somewhere to show their efforts and get helpful and supportive feedback. That initial goal proved fairly succesful but I think we are suffering with a bit of a catch 22 problem. It's a forum for beginners, and so has nothing to interest experts. On the other hand, the beginners get little feedback because there are no experts. That is where YOU can help. If you fancy offering help, advice and guidance to beginners then you could make a big difference in my forum. We run drawing and painting projects to test our skills and drag us into trying new things, and we display our efforts altogether on a single web page. This allows us to learn by comparing our efforts with those of our friends. (See this recent Painting Project). As a small group of novices we do quite well, but I can see how much better we could do if we had some experts amongst us. I feel that more beginners would join if there were experts on hand to teach us, and more experts would join if there was more going on. The forum is like a snowball poised at the top of a hill .... if we could get it rolling it would gather momentum and size quite quickly. Come and join us, and give the snowball the push it needs. Art Forum for Beginners