Sunday, 17 July 2011

Old Lime Kiln

From time to time I have looked at a picture drawn in pen using the cross-hatching technique and thought it's one of those things I'd like to have a go at. For some reason, it is one of those things I never seem to have a go at. However, I recently visited Sue Pownall's blog and saw her drawings of the ruins. Yet again I was inspired to have a go myself and guess what .... this time I DID!!! Yaay!!

Old Lime Kiln in Yorkshire
Some time ago I did both a watercolour and acrylic painting of an old Lime Kiln I'd discovered in Yorkshire. It was the perfect subject for my first hatching experience. It is extremely similar to Sue's Ruin III, and I hope Sue doesn't mind the extent to which I am copying her. I do so through respect and appreciate of her skill.

It was a very interesting exercise and I learned a lot. There are certainly things I would do differently the next time I try this style of drawing but I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I will definitely be doing more of these.


  1. Excellent JWJ

    The direcrtional shading and the use of negative space are very effective.

  2. Hey, it's great to see you here Ben. Thanks for the encouraging comment. ;-)

  3. Lovely piece of work!
    I'd be thrilled with it too :) xx

  4. This litle ruin reminds me of what I found at the top of Ben Nevis - only bigger! There is something about a ruin isn't there, so many stories to tell, so much mystery too. This is beautifully drawn :0)

  5. Fabulous pen work John. I'm sure Sue will be delighted that she inspired you to do this! When I did some ancestral research I found a great great grandfather was a lime worker in my home county of Cheshire so he no doubt used one of these!

  6. The hatching is very effective with this type of subject, John. It will be interesting to see how you get on with other things.

  7. Pat, thank you very much.

    I love old ruins too and being myself helps. Thanks.

    Thank you Michael. How interesting that you found out what your great great grandfather did for a living. Must have been an awful job.

    Keith, I deliberately picked an easy one to start with - not sure how I'll get on with something harder. ;-)