Sunday, 5 December 2010

Castle Wall - Chester

Around the end of October we went on a late holiday to Cheshire. Early in the week we visited Chester itself and I was fascinated to learn that, although the castle no longer exists, the wall does. What is more, I discovered that it completely surrounds the city centre and it is possible to walk it's entire length. We didn't have time on that day, but on the last day of our holiday we returned to Chester and walked the 4.8 miles (I think) around the city centre on top of the wall. At places the wall comes down to ground level, and at others it's at the height of nearby rooftops. Views of the city, the racecourse, the river and many historic buildings were superb and my camera was running on overdrive. This pencil drawing is of the section at the rear of the Cathedral and is on Medium Surface Cartridge Paper.


  1. Wow! Such detail and precision! You have a real talent :0)

  2. Marvelous perspective here John and I admire your precision and detail in the stonework.

  3. Sandra, you're such a sweetie the way you drop in here and leave your encouraging comments. Thank you.

    Frank, you're NOT a sweetie ... but I appreciate your visits just as much. Thank you for your nice comment.