Sunday, 21 November 2010

Barn in a field

For my birthday last month my wife bought me a book by James Fletcher-Watson. I love his work but sadly his books are no longer in print. However, my wife managed to get me a good condition second hand book off the 'net, so I'm in heaven.

I've only read a few pages of the book so far, but this very quick painting of a barn in a field was copied from his book to give me a feel for how this great artist approached his work. Mine is nothing like his (lol) but I know I'm going to learn a great deal from him.


  1. This is beautiful John, rich colours and great sky. The parallel lines on the left don't look quite right, but overall, nice work.

  2. Thanks Frank. The parallel lines were intended to show this was ploughed field, and I should have made them more broken.

  3. I'm lucky to have two of his books, John, and I'm sure you'll find him a great inspiration.

    This looks very good. I think the fact that it was done quickly has helped to keep it looking fresh.

  4. Yes - we wives are just fabulous aren't we? Lol! Fantastic John! I'm sure it is just as good :0)

  5. A lovely soft watercolor.