Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Bellis Perennis

I've long been a fan of these wonderful little flowers but only recently have I noticed their flowering habit. They are the Daisy family and only grow 4" tall but put out masses of little flowers. What has fascinated me about the way the flowers form is how it gradually develops from a 'daisy' type shape to a pom-pom.

First they create a tiny yellow head that looks much like an unopened bud, but it is only a cluster of stamen (I think). Very soon the yellow stamen around the outside edge of the flower begin to open producing tube-like petals. From time to time a stamen will produce a flower 'out of turn', as in this shot.

Gradually more and more stamen convert to petals ....

... nearly all done ....

.... until finally all we have is a perfectly formed pom-pom. It is only through the eyes of the macro lens that we appreciate that the pom-pom consists of scores of tiny tubes.


  1. John,I get the feeling that a painting is coming on here, and looking at your bellis, a worthy subject no doubt.

  2. You may be right Frank. Last time I tried a flower I didn't do so well ... time to try again maybe.

  3. Hi John.
    I was delighted to notice a new follower on my blog. It's always so lovely when people take the time to pop in and also enjoy what they see. Thank you for the lovely comment too. Having looked at your own blog I am so impressed. Your accuracy in the pencil drawings and the perspective of your buildings are spot on. It's interesting to look at your web page too. You have obviously gone from strength to strength. I was mid 36 before I picked up a pencil and I have so much to learn. Next step - watercolours. No doubt I will be popping back on a regular basis for a dose of inspiration!